The Campaign for a Just Wage at the University of Notre Dame

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23% of South Bend residents are in poverty, and Notre Dame’s endowment grew $7 billion last year. Explore our website to learn  about why this campaign is happening now.

Read the just wage proposal

Various faculty, students, and workers have come together to create a proposal for a more just wage at Notre Dame.

Read the faculty open letter

Add your name to list of Notre Dame faculty demanding the administration offer a more just wage to our employees and student workers.

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If you are a Notre Dame student or alumni, sign our petition to create a more just wage structure for our campus workers.

“Because of the worker shortages, I often get called into the 5:30 a.m. shift before classes. No one else will do it.” “With the current campus wage, I have to work 10 weeks over the summer just so I can pay for all my expenses at school.” “The University must really start considering the mental health toll the existing wage has on low-income students. It’s so difficult to balance school and the stress of getting enough money for the month.”

These are quotes from campus workers who share what it is like living under the current wage structure at Notre Dame

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For all inquiries, please contact campaign directors Edward Brunicardi ( and Bridget Schippers (

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