The Raising the Standard Campaign is a student-led advocacy group fighting for a more just wage for Notre Dame’s employees and student workers.

We dedicate this campaign to all the workers, contractors, and students who make our nationally recognized institution operate every day. Thank you to all the workers, faculty, and students who gave their time to inform our proposal throughout this past year.

Edward Brunicardi, Campaign Director

Edward Brunicardi is a Junior from Sarasota, FL, studying Political Science with minors in Poverty Studies and the Hesburgh Program in Public Service. As a MSPS Scholar with an interest in union organizing, Edward is committed to fighting for the dignity of all voices on campus. His hope is that by the time he graduates, Notre Dame workers will have their value to our campus community reflected in their pay check.

Bridget Schippers, Campaign Director

Bridget Schippers is a Sophomore Economics major from Olathe, Kansas with minors in Philosophy Politics & Economics, the Hesburgh Program in Public Service, Data Science, and the Glynn Family Honors Program. Outside her work as a director of the Raising the Standard Campaign, she is an intern with the Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO) on campus and the incoming Vice President of Welsh Family Hall. Her work with LEO has given poverty-fighting initiatives that focus on self-sufficiency such as this one with the RSC an extra special place in her heart.

Isabelle Grace, Campaign Advocate

Isabelle Grace is a Freshman living in Howard Hall but she is originally from Houston, TX. Isabelle is majoring in Economics and Philosophy. Isabelle is an incoming senator for Howard Hall, is a part of the International Justice Mission Chapter of Notre Dame, and tutors student athletes.

Jacob Sherer, Campaign Advocate

Jacob Sherer is a Sophomore studying political science and philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE). In his free time, you can find him arguing for why South Dining Hall is better than North Dining Hall. Regardless, he is passionate about ensuring workers at both dining halls and elsewhere are treated with the dignity they deserve.

Annmarie Foy, Campaign Researcher

Annmarie Foy is a Junior living in Cavanaugh Hall studying Math and Political Science. She is passionate about advocating on issues of immigration and just wages, both for those here on campus and out in the South Bend community. In her free time, Annmarie enjoys rocking out with the Fighting Irish Band as a saxophonist and writing for the Observer.

Caroline Aey, Campaign Researcher

As a pre-medical student at the University of Notre Dame, Caroline is passionate about public health issues, specifically the intersection between poverty and healthcare. With minors in Poverty Studies and Health, Humanities & Society, she aspires to address these issues as a physician and public health advocate.

Jordan Lydon, Campaign Researcher

Jordan is a Junior majoring in Political Science with a minor in the Hesburgh Program in Public Service. Outside of the just wage campaign, she enjoys serving as an Advising Fellow for Matriculate, a program that helps high-achieving, low-income high school students apply to top colleges and universities.

Quinnlan Murray, Campaign Researcher

Quinnlan Murray is a Sophomore currently living in Johnson Family Hall. Originally from Tusla, OK, she is studying Environmental Science and Peace Studies and minoring in the Hesburgh Program of Public Service. Quinnlan is deeply passionate about both the dignity of work and the steps we can all take to create a more humanized work environment for all types of workers.

Clark Power, Campaign Advisor

Clark Power is a Professor of Psychology and education in the Program of Liberal Studies (PLS), and a Concurrent Professor in the Department of Psychology. He received his Ed.D. from Harvard University in the area of Human Development. While at Harvard, he worked with Lawrence Kohlberg and his team to develop the manual for coding the stages of moral judgement. He also began his research on the just community approach to moral and democratic education.

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